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vw garage grange over sands

VW Garage Grange Over Sands

Welcome to Athersmith Motor Services, your local independent VW Garage catering to all your car’s requirements.

Our VW specialists deliver first-class care, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best. With experience, skill and technical knowledge, our team can quickly identify and resolve any issues. We cater for all VW models, including electric, hybrid, petrol, diesel, manual, and automatic.

At Athersmith Motor Services, we use genuine VW or high-quality parts for all repairs, servicing, and maintenance, keeping your car in perfect condition. You even get a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour while maintaining your VW warranty. What more could you ask for?

Our Google ratings are better than that of the main VW Grange Over Sands dealership for a reason.

Call Athersmith Motor Services and book your VW Garage Grange Over Sands work.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Service

At Athersmith Motor Services, our VW experts work closely to the VW manufacturer guidelines, providing the best possible servicing. We identify minor issues before they get worse.

Our team delivers customised servicing and better value than the primary VW Grange Over Sands dealership. Enjoy improved performance, fuel efficiency, and increased longevity for your vehicle.

We guarantee all our work preserves your VW warranty, giving you peace of mind.

vw garage grange over sands


Athersmith Motor Services understands that MOTs can be stressful. We can help by treating your VW as if it were our own. Why not simplify things by combining your annual service with an upcoming VW MOT?

We assess your VW in accordance with DVSA standards, ensuring it is roadworthy and safe.

Discuss your MOT and servicing options with our team when booking.

vw garage grange over sands

Book your VW Garage Grange Over Sands work at Athersmith Motor Services today.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Air Con

Air conditioning offers comfort and aids in de-misting windows. Struggling to de-mist your windows? Contact our VW Garage Grange Over Sands for air conditioning servicing.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Tyres

Tyres provide a secure connection to the road. Worn tyres or increased braking distances can pose safety risks. Call Athersmith Motor Services today for a tyre check up.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Alignment

Misaligned wheels can be dangerous. If your VW has uneven tyre wear or pulls to one side when you drive, book a wheel alignment check at Athersmith Motor Services today.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Brakes

Faulty brakes contribute to a quarter of all road accidents. If you notice extended stopping distances, call our experts at Athersmiths Motor Services immediately.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Suspension

VW suspension guarantees a comfortable ride. If you’re feeling every bump in the road, your car’s suspension may need a review. Book your suspension check today.

Book your VW Garage Grange Over Sands work at Athersmith Motor Services today.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Diagnostics

Our skilled technicians identify faults that other garages might miss. We employ a 15-step diagnostic process to detect minor issues, saving you time, money, and worry. Contact us today.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Batteries

A flat battery can spoil your day. A clicking sound when turning the key or dimming headlights may indicate a battery problem. Call our friendly VW Garage Grange Over Sands team for a reliable solution.

vw garage grange over sands

VW Clutch & Gearbox

Is your Volkswagen often missing gears or making strange noises? These might signal gearbox or clutch issues. Book your VW Garage Grange Over Sands appointment at Athersmith Motor Services.

VW Exhausts

An effective exhaust is essential for passing MOT emissions tests. If you’re experiencing fast fuel consumption or acceleration issues, you may have an exhaust fault. Contact us today for an inspection.

VW Lighting

Your lighting keeps you and others visible on the roads, without it your safety is at risk. If you’ve noticed your lights aren’t working as they should, you might need a lights check. Book your VW lighting check up toay.


A malfunctioning Diesel Particulate Filter can result in MOT failure. Black smoke from the exhaust could be a DPF problem. Book your check up at our VW Garage Grange Over Sands without delay.

Book your VW Garage Grange Over Sands work at Athersmith Motor Services today.

vw garage grange over sands

Explore how we've assisted other VW owners by visiting our blog.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of my VW service?

Athersmith Motor Services prioritises transparency. We keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Following the initial assessment, we discuss any recommended actions with you. Together, we devise a plan that best suits you and your VW.

We only start work on your VW when you say so. You remain in control from beginning to end.

Call Athersmith Motor Services today and arrange your VW Garage Grange Over Sands service.

Book your VW Garage Grange Over Sands work at Athersmith Motor Services today.

Additional benefits of choosing Athersmith Motor Services:

Finance payment plans

0% finance plans are available to spread the cost of any work your VW may need. Contact our team today for more information.

Out of hours drop off

Our out-of-hours drop-off and collection service offers added convenience. Call us for more details.

Delivery & collection

Can’t bring your VW in? No problem, our collection and delivery service is here to assist. Enquire about it when you call.

Where can I find you?

Find us on Lightburn Road, Ulverston, a short drive from the A590.

Our local independent VW garage provides time-saving, hassle-free services and better value compared to the main dealership.

Our Google rating outperforms those of the main VW dealerships in the area. With over 120 5-star reviews, it’s clear why our customers trust us to deliver the best service for their vehicles.

Call Athersmith Motor Services today.

Our customer reviews

  • Ronald Morrison

    20th April 2024

    Have used Athersmith since 2016 and have always been satisfied with the service provided. With over fifty years of being a motorist I feel they are the best garage that I've used.

  • Alan Craven

    18th April 2024

    Once again quality service from Athersmith's. Very professional, friendly and helpful. Work done on time and at correct pricing. No hesitation in using them again.

  • Jack Cartwright

    15th April 2024

    Great team and very professional. Always get sorted in a timely manner and given all the options and prices available to me. Every issue I’ve had has always been sorted expertly and I have always been given honest responses. Great garage, worth the money

  • Anthony Harris

    12th April 2024

    First use of Athersmiths services, far superior to the other garage that l've tried which claims to specialise in my type of car.

  • Kate Lamont-Brown

    11th April 2024

    Always get excellent service from this garage and would go to any other.

  • Paul Mowat

    25th February 2024

    Great service and so quick. Would definitely recommend AMS.

  • Sarah Jackson

    15th February 2024

    A friendly and honest service. Can trust they'll identify any issues with the car.

  • David Bolton

    14th February 2024

    Can't recommend highly enough

  • Mark McIntosh

    12th February 2024

    Great garage, very professional and always had high quality work done. Would always recommend.

  • Carole Taylor

    16th January 2024

    Efficient, meticulous garage with great communication

  • Russell Waite

    6th January 2024

    They go the extra mile to give great customer satisfaction.

  • Stewart McCoy

    5th January 2024

    Great service from the team. Well organised, efficient and respectful. I own a RRS and the service was completed to JLR standards. thanks

  • Michael Hetherington

    5th January 2024

    Excellent service, quality and value would recommend.

  • Richard Walker

    5th January 2024

    Excellent service, highly recommend.

  • Christopher Seddon

    4th November 2023

    Merecedes booked in for B Service , MOT & 4 new tyres . Booking & quotation process dealt with quickly & efficiently.
    I was aware of certain other problems noted at previous service . Recognised during service work , quoted for and dealt with the same day . Excellent level of service . Obviously will return with any future problems & servicing .

  • nick fletcher

    16th October 2023

    Did my MOT which passed the test

  • Roger Cann

    10th October 2023

    Friendly, efficient and clear. Really pleased. I’ll use again.

  • Jayne Flannery

    21st August 2023

    Great local garage

  • Ian Dunstan

    21st August 2023

    Excellent service. Very friendly staff and more than willing to offer advice.

  • Kate E

    20th August 2023

    Consistently very high standard of professional service provided by this business. Highly recommended 😊

  • Malcolm Hewitt

    9th June 2023

  • Peter Brocklebank

    9th March 2023

    I’ve used AMS for everything from brake repairs, to a full engine swap in our old Hybrid Lexus.
    Fantastic service every time and I’ll happily keep on recommending them.

  • John Leech

    2nd March 2023

    Our camper needed quite a bit of work doing on it, the sort of job where the quote makes you wince a bit though they clearly explained the total bill would depend on the condition of the existing parts once they could inspect them fully. Thankfully, the existing bit didn't need replacing. We're very pleased to have our van back on the road even if we can't afford to put fuel in it anymore ;-)... Read More

  • Smiffy miffed

    9th February 2023

    Fitted me in on short notice, sent reminders to ensure I didn’t miss the appointment and kept me informed on how the work progressed and let me know when the car was ready for collection - work carried out to a great standard, informative, pleasant staff - will most certainly use this garage again in the future

  • Derwent Donaldson

    28th January 2023

    I have been using this garage to have my car serviced, and MOT'd for the last ten years. Their work is of a high quality, and I have never faulted it, their service is good, their staff are friendly and very efficient. I trust them absolutely.

  • Sharon Morrow

    27th January 2023

    Friendly service. They fitted me in without an appointment and the problem was sorted very quickly. Good price.

Book your VW Garage Grange Over Sands work at Athersmith Motor Services today.