DPF Diagnostics at Athersmith’s

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Here at Athersmith’s we have been tackling DPF issues for years now. Recently we’ve had a string of BMW’s suffering from their DPF’s blocking.

This particular BMW 3 SERIES 325D M SPORT. Lovely car when working correctly!
The car was presented to us with a massive lack in power and engine light on.

Our initial diagnosis bought up three fault codes referring to a DPF issue

Fault Codes: 18442 Soot Particle Filter
Fault Codes: 18458 Soot Particle Filter
Fault Codes: 19712 Soot Particle Filter

The problem with DPF issues is that most of the time we have to fix the blocked DPF before we can fix the root cause of the problem. The blockage is the first thing we had to tackle. Here at Athersmith’s we can clean a blocked DPF on the car using a specific machine and chemicals designed for the job.

Starting back pressure in the exhaust of well over 100 mbar at 1100rpm we managed to get the pressure down to just 4mbar at idle!

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